Pastillas limpiadoras de primera calidad.

Introducing The ConfiDental.

Nuestras tabletas limpiadoras están probadas en laboratorio y formuladas por expertos para hacer efervescencia rigurosa y matar el 99,99 % de las bacterias que causan olores desagradables en los protectores bucales.

La tableta limpiadora ConfiDental es segura, eficaz y está formulada en laboratorio para limpiar y restaurar sus protectores bucales. Es la solución de limpieza versátil número uno para sus protectores bucales.

  • Nuestras tabletas son perfectas para limpiar protectores bucales y todos los demás aparatos dentales removibles
  • Mantenga los aparatos dentales frescos y siempre como nuevos
  • Ofreciendo los precios más bajos en el mercado de calidad premium

    Un protector bucal fresco y limpio comienza con la tableta limpiadora ConfiDental

    Pastillas limpiadoras perfectas para tus protectores bucales.
    Fórmula limpiadora única, mata el 99,99 % de las bacterias que causan el mal olor y mantiene tus protectores bucales extra limpios y frescos.

    Formulado específicamente para proporcionar una solución de limpieza completa en el mercado de primera calidad.

    Frenulum Notch

    Prevents irritation

    Moldable Materials

    Custom fit any sizes of mouth

    Six Premium 3mm Mouthguards

    For Regular Teeth Grinders

    Los fundamentos de las pastillas limpiadoras ConfiDental


    There are three easy steps! First, drop one tablet into enough warm water to cover your mouthguard. Second, place your mouthguard into the effervescing blue solution. Note: the solution will change color as it cleans. Lastly, you can leave your mouthguard for at least 15 minutes or overnight then remove and rinse your mouthguard thoroughly with running water. Your mouthguard should be clean and fresh now.

    Research Across Decades

    The ConfiDental is committed to the ongoing prevention of teeth grinding, bruxism, and discomfort while sleeping. We continually focus on developing various mouthguards to fit the needs of people battling nighttime teeth grinding. Product testing is done to confirm safety. Performance and accurate results are recognized both in the lab and in real dental experiments.

    Trusted by Millions

    With more than 10 years of dedicated research, The ConfiDental now has millions of customers trusting our brand.


    The ConfiDental are made with BPA free, Phthalates free, medical grade material, designed to custom fit your mouth and eliminate discomfort while sleeping from teeth grinding, bruxism and TMJ.

    Los clientes de ConfiDental comparten sus opiniones.

    4.9 (289)

    Joseph Patterson

    08/16/2021 - I don't have any complaints these worked exactly as they said they would and left my mouthguard clean and fresh which is pretty nice. I use it daily and it's already part of my routine. I will surely buy again.

    D. Redding

    09/02/2021 - This does a very great job at cleaning my mouthguard. I won’t use any other product after trying this. It keeps my mouthguard looking like new - no build-up or cloudiness at all and in a very short time. With this, there is absolutely no need to brush and possibly damage my mouthguard.

    Agatha Sherry

    10/26/2021 - I use this for my mouthguard. After some research, I came across these cleansing tablets - and they’re amazing!!! I use it every other morning now to keep my mouthguard fresh and build up-free. Great product for an amazing value. Will buy it again to protect my mouthguard.

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    Las tabletas limpiadoras para protectores bucales de ConfiDental están hechas para matar el 99,99% de las bacterias que causan olores desagradables en los protectores bucales. Es seguro, eficaz y está formulado en laboratorio para ser la mejor solución de limpieza para sus protectores bucales.

    Para un protector bucal extra limpio y fresco:

    Utilice las tabletas limpiadoras ConfiDental