The triumph influenced by our customers

Our goal is a success, but first, we sought to find out how to get started.

Inside The ConfiDental.

Each sophisticated lab tech at The ConfiDental is creating a nightguard for your most private moments and settings. You can be ready to seize the new day after a full night's sleep and rejuvenation!

The focus of TCD is on your excellent night's sleep and the improved days that might result from all-night relief and protection.

It's your one-of-a-kind The ConfiDental Night Guard for you, the utmost in comfort.

Your One-Stop Shop for Custom-Made Dental Night Guards

The ConfiDental  is committed to providing our customers superior quality, custom-fitted dental night guards at the most economical price possible. For more than 10 years, we've been able to achieve this goal.

Our custom night guards alleviate pain and protect against the harmful effects of teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism. We are the experts to turn to for assistance if you suffer from occasional teeth grinding and clenching or show symptoms of TMJ.

Our Commitment To You

Place your order with confidence. If you are not totally satisfied with the personalized night guard you ordered, please contact us and we will do everything possible to make things right. We are so devoted to your pleasure at The ConfiDental that we provide a money-back guarantee on every custom-made teeth night guard.

It's All About You

While the company did have a significant impact on the night guard industry, it was purely coincidental. The essential element is what their products and services will mean to YOU.

The ConfiDental will continue to deliver relaxation and wellness to your evenings, days, and full life through dental lab night guards, teeth whitening products, retainers, and new goods to come.

Custom Crafted

Perfect Nightguard Just a Click Away

Sleep Comfortably

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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