Best Selling, Premium Quality Mouthguard for Only $19.99

Introducing The ConfiDental.

Working as the perfect solution for teeth grinders and for those struggling with ongoing bouts of bruxism.

The ConfiDental mouthguard is made from premium medical grade, BPA & Phthalate Free thermoplastic materials with a slim (thin) design that assures a high level of comfort while sleeping.

  • Reduce Tension on Jaw Muscles from Bruxism and TMJ
  • Fully Customized for Your Mouth
  • Providing The Lowest Prices in The Premium Quality Market

    A Perfect Night's Sleep Begins with The ConfiDental Mouthguard

    The ConfiDental set contains:
    Frenolum Notch to prevent irritation, Moldable material to custom fit any sizes of mouth, Four premium 3mm regular adult-sized and Four premium 3mm small adult-sized mouthguards

    Formulated specifically to fit small sized mouths.

    Frenulum Notch

    Prevents irritation

    Moldable Materials

    Custom fit any sizes of mouth

    Four Premium 3mm Regular Adult-Sized & Four Premium 3mm Small Adult-Sized Mouthguards

    For Smaller Sized Mouths

    The Basics of The ConfiDental Zircon


    For more detailed instructions, you can click; How To Mold Your Mouthguard

    Research Across Decades

    The ConfiDental is committed to the ongoing prevention of teeth grinding, bruxism, and discomfort while sleeping. We continually focus on developing various mouthguards to fit the needs of people battling nighttime teeth grinding. Product testing is done to confirm safety. Performance and accurate results are recognized both in the lab and in real dental experiments.

    Trusted by Millions

    With more than 10 years of dedicated research, The ConfiDental now has millions of customers trusting our brand.


    The ConfiDental are made with BPA free, Phthalates free, medical grade material, designed to custom fit your mouth and eliminate discomfort while sleeping from teeth grinding, bruxism and TMJ.

    The ConfiDental customers share their reviews.

    5.0 (1013)


    06/22/2021 - I started using this mouthguard for Teeth Grinding, Clenching, and Bruxism. And in two days my jaw and ear were better. The instructions that explain how to mold the guard to your teeth and mouth were easy to follow and worked on my first try. And what a great price too!

    Bev R.

    07/15/2021 - I have been having trouble sleeping with my friends over the years. All of my friends dont want to sleep with me when we travel. They complain to me about my teeth grinding. I feel bad and lose my confident because of this. Want to say thank you for this mouthguard that make me and my friends happy during sleep.


    08/27/2021 - I have been having teeth grinding issues for a couple of months now. My dentist advised me to start using a mouthguard. I got hold of the Confidental mouthguard at a good price. The pack comes with a detailed instructional booklet. Using the guidance from the booklet, I adjusted the fitting of my first mouthguard. And let it sit to set. I used it that night and had a very peaceful sleep. Didnt feel any Teeth grinding and the pain is going away. I’m hooked to using it daily now..

    Get Started With The ConfiDental Zircon Today

    The ConfiDental Mouthguard Set is made from premium medical grade, FDA Approved, BPA & Phthalate Free material. Working as the perfect solution for teeth grinders and those struggling with ongoing bouts of bruxism.

    Fit for Smaller Sized Mouths.

    The Zircon includes:

    • Four, Premium 3mm Regular Adult-Sized
    • Four, Premium 3mm Small Adult-Sized

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